Vocal recall app

How do we assess our students in speaking? I have never had enough time to listen to my students while speaking in TL in passages that are longer than a couple of sentences. Speaking exams/tests in a class of 28 students require far too much time and we can’t afford that! Not on a two hour a week timetable. Asking students to send files has not worked out well for us. This academic year, we seem to have found a solution to this issue. The solution has the name of Vocal Recall App!! So many different uses for.this app! It contains 5minutes speech so can be used in a moltitude of ways. So far, I’ve used the app togive feedback to students and, even giving individual feedback, the marking time was halved!!! Also, students were provided with an empty barcode in.which record themselves saying a few sentences on a given topic; amazing response from kids!! In the coming weeks, I would like to use the app for homework purposes and to design tasks which are going to get kids ready for the new GCSE demands. So, the plan is to print photos, write three questions and record two questions (just like it would happen in the exam), students will then.record themselves in an empty barcode which I will provide. Again, I will be recording some general conversation questions for students to practise and record at home. Still talking about homework, but maybe with younger classes, is to apply one of the narrow reading/listening tecniques by Gianfranco Conti, so provide the students with a written passage and a recording to match but with some “mistakes”.

Here’s a step by step guide on Vocal Recall

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