The Christmas break, as usual, has gone far too quick and I find myself trying to keep up with all my new year’s best intentions in the first week… already!!!

So what’s 2018 going to bring?

My very first new year resolution is a constant in my life … I NEED TO BE MORE ORGANISED!!!! My new diary has already been filled, lists have been made so I have hope that 2018 will see a very organised version of myself where my desk will, finally, be clutter free and my data analysis will be handed in more than 10 minutes before the deadline!

2017 has brought lots of new ideas: the use of vocal recall for feedback and to set tasks; quizlet to boost retention of vocabulary; narrow reading tasks to analyse passages in greater detail and ensure a deeper understanding of the language; reading out loud to practise pronunciation has been lots of fun ( who knew!?); Twitter, GILT and secondary MFL matters as my own continuous CPD and places to share resources. All those new ideas are coming with me in 2018!!

But there’s more.. of course there’s more! Firstly, I will be following a course on “short film in language teaching” offered by FutureLearn and the British Film Institute. I am looking forward to that and will blog about it once completed.

I have, also, already signed up for the CPD session on Listening led by Dr Gianfranco Conti and again, I can’t wait to attend the session as listening is our most problematic area and Dr Gianfranco Conti sure is the man in the know of all language learning issues. Having listened to him in his chat with Etienne Langlois, I feel very much in awe of the man and his endless knowledge on language learning matters.

So, let the fun begin and

HAPPY 2018

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